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If you can help connect us with a family of a victim of an unresolved homicide or long-time missing person that has a Colorado connection, please call Kelly Fernandez-Kroyer at 720-937-8905, or send an email to

These families need to know about us. We can help them.

We need and want your help. Our priority is to encourage law enforcement to effectively address our old, unsolved murders.



FOHVAMP managed to cover operating expenses, outreach and rewards during our first three years from a combination of small grants and contributions from our members. But now, growth in both membership and demand for our services can no longer be met on a purely volunteer basis.

In our quest to see this organization emerge as a force for change, our families have contributed more than $60,000; as volunteers we have given more than 3000 hours of our time and talent.

Our administrative requirements include building the database of unresolved homicides affecting Coloradoans; a public relations program to raise awareness; continuing services to a growing membership; the victims' pages on this website to encourage tipsters to contact law enforcement with information that helps solve our cases. We now maintain a full time staff to carry out our mission.

We ask your help whether you are an individual, corporation or philanthropic organization. Please make a donation now

Send your check - payable to FOHVAMP - to:

FOHVAMP,P.O. Box 21602
Denver, CO. 80221

Or, to use your credit card, click on the “Donate Now Through Network for Good” link below and they will forward the donation to us. This is a good cause. Please help us.

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If you have time and talent to donate, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
Contact Kelly Fernandez-Kroyer, (720)937-8905, email:
or to learn more about opportunities to help our organization.